Christmas shopping in Barcelona

Christmas shopping in Barcelona

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Christmas shopping in Barcelona

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Christmas season

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The Barcelona Christmas Shopping campaign has a card with which you can get discounts at many shops in Barcelona during the Christmas season.



Discounts for Christmas shopping in Barcelona

This year you will not have to wait for the sales to shop with discounts, so you can take advantage of the holiday season shopping to save some cash. Barcelona Tourism Office has launched the Barcelona Christmas Shopping campaign and has created a card called “Bcn Xmas CardÔÇŁ that offers discounts of up to 10% and preferential treatment in the major shops in the center and other commercial areas of Barcelona. The biggest discount of the Bcn Xmas Card is the one you can get for the ice rink that has been placed in Plaza Catalunya, which is of 50% with the Barcelona Christmas Card is 50%.


Win prizes with the Barcelona Christmas Card

The Bcn Xmas Card also has a mobile application through which you can enter sweepstakes to be conducted on a daily basis and also for the final campaign, the prize of which is a free weekend in Barcelona, everything paid. Another advantage of Bcn Xmas Card is that it gives daily reports of the main Christmas activities that are happening in Barcelona.

All info can be found on the official website: Barcelona Christmas Shopping


Hotel for Christmas shopping

If you donÔÇÖt win the contest, and you still want to come to Barcelona ┬áfor your Christmas shopping, you can come to our low cost hotel and save your money for where you will really need it, for your Christmas shopping! Hotel Paseo de Gracia a low cost hotel in the center of Barcelona, in the main shopping area where all the chic and exclusive shops are located.


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