Semana Santa en Barcelona 2017

Semana Santa en Barcelona 2017

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Easter Week in Barcelona is a good time to visit the city, especially for families with children, as there are many traditions that will also please the little ones and a lot of activities.

This year, 2017, Easter Week will begin on April 9th with Palm Sunday and end on April 17th with Easter Monday. Please remember that in Catalonia, the holidays are on Good Friday, April 14th, and Easter Monday.


What traditions are celebrated in Barcelona during Easter?

In Spain, the processions are very well-known as the main traditions of Easter, especially those of Andalusia. Although there is not much of this tradition in Barcelona, there are a couple of processions that will allow you to savor this typical Easter tradition. The best known are El Paso de la Borriquita, which is celebrated on Palm Sunday in Ciutat Vella, and the Procession of the Virgin of Macarena, which is celebrated on Good Friday and begins in the Raval and ends at the Cathedral. It is not necessary to believe in God or the Virgin to admire the beauty of this tradition!



On Palm Sunday it is traditional to go to church and get “the palm” blessed. Everyone carries palms, palmons and laurel branches to church to commemorate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. The godmothers give their godchildren these palms and palmons and fill them with toys, chocolate and candies.

The last important tradition of Easter Week is celebrated on Easter Monday, and in this case those in charge of preparing it are the godparents, who give “la Mona” to their godchildren. The Mona is a cake decorated with chocolate eggs – or any other espectacular form, but always made with chocolate -, a delight that the families share around the table. During the previous days it is fun to visit the different bakeries of Barcelona and admire the Monas they have prepared, itÔÇÖs real art made with chocolate.

Semana Santa en Barcelona - La mona de Pascua

What to do in Barcelona during Easter Week?

If you come to Barcelona for Easter and want to do some shopping, you have to keep in mind that the shops will be closed on holidays that are 14 (Good Friday), 16 (Sunday) and 17 (Easter Monday).

The main tourist attractions will be open, and there are many things to visit with children if you come to spend Easter in Barcelona with your family. On our website, you can find some suggestions.

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